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[ROM] Spartan_ROM ATV S922X

发表于 2020-12-26 13:12 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
[ROM] Spartan_ROM ATV S922X[color=rgb(101, 106, 109) !important][size=1.1]05-11-2020, 17:50


V6.2 Changelog
-Based On Newest Beelink firmware
-Updated Apps
-Fixed HD passthrough on GS King X and GT KING PRO build (Kodi True HD, DTS HD when connected to a receiver that supports it)
-Updated UI
-Smooth As always
-Added Mibox Recent Layout (True AndroidTV UI)
-Fixed Samba Built it
-Fixed an audio Issue
-Fixed Home Screen going black
-Kernel tweaked
-Android New Home for newer devices ( At startup pick Home for New Launcher or AndroidTV Home For old Launcher)
-Updated Tweaks Smoother Playback and system responsiveness

Pick The Builds Based On Serial Numbers

V5 Changelog
-Based On Newest Beelink Firmware
-Updated Gapps
-Newer Tweaks for stability
-a bunch of other things but forgot lol

V4 Changelog
-Based On 914P0 system firmware
-Fixed Cec Bug (not saving settings)
-Made universal build for GT KING PRO
-Improved Speed
-Smoother UI
-Optimized Voice Search
-Updated Gapps
-Updated Smartyoutube

V3 Changelog
-DPI Set To 320
-Fixed Playstore Not updating
-Added Nvidia Shield recent app layout ( Props to xvortex/slimhouse)
-Faster undefined
-Debloated a bit
-Custom Black Leanback Keyboard
-Autoframerate App added as regular instead of system
-Made some more build.prop tweaks
-Better Visual UI Navigation Bar (Hidden By Default)

V2 Changelog

-Based On Beelink 906P0 Firmware
-909P0 Kernel
-"Alvatech" Framework (Amazing Developer)
-Rooted With SuperSU
-Added Gamers Tweaks
-Improved Wifi Speeds
-Added Autoframerate To System App
-Init.d Supported
-TWRP Recovery
-DPI Set To 280
-Improved Voice Search
-SystemUI Smoother
-TV Provision Added
-Leanback Keyboard
-Dolby Vision Disabled By Default



https://imgur.com/ZxsCQug https://imgur.com/AzBA2wm https://imgur.com/YSJMtJE https://imgur.com/UKlgfQL https://imgur.com/wx5tal6

This Is My New Project which I welcome developers to make it even better with me undefined Join Team Spartan Today undefinedundefined

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国外大神制作的ATV固件  详情 回复 发表于 2020-12-27 09:34
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